Villa Kafra

Program: Residential
Area: 850 sqm
Project Status: Permitting
Client: Witheld
Keywords: Residential
Design Architects: Benjamin Fortunato, Karim Fakhry
Design Team: Tony Khoury, Guy Haddad
Tucked in the scenic village of Kafra in southern Lebanon, Villa Kafra mediates the client’s desire for ample terrace space with steep topographic constraints. Traditional terracing would transform the lush terrain into a series of monolithic walls and hard scape and put the indoor space on one end of the site and the outdoor spaces on the other separated by multiple flights of stairs.To solve this dilemma we nesting the indoor spaces and outdoor spaces in a series of bifurcated planes, creating a circulation loop that moves seamlessly though a series of indoor and outdoor spaces. Villa Kafra capitalizes on the sectional opportunities created by the landscape, limiting the impact multiple hardscaped terraces would have on the landscape. The proximity between outdoor and indoor spaces and the full height sliding doors, allows for indoor activities in the dining room, living room and family rooms to spill outdoors, blurring the distinction between the interior and exterior.
The North Elevation shows the three levels of outdoor spaces. The primary terrace with the pool, is level with the living room, the second terrace is level with the family room and master bedroom, and the third inhabits the roof over the living room with panoramic views of the landscape and pool below. Section A cuts though the living room, double height kitchen and the walkway from the family room to the outdoor terrace.
The west elevation cantilevers over the garage and services below. The perforations in the stone wall helps mitigates the undesirable effects of the hot western sun, which is difficult to control with horizontal or vertical shading alone. Section B shows the entryway, lowered living room and outdoor pool area, as well the roof terrace above.
The South elevation shows the main entrance and bedrooms to the right overlooking a private garden, separated from the entrance by a sectional shift. Section C shows the exterior passage way that leads to the pool area from the entrance, the foyer, and the stair leading up to the play room. The family room and the walkway leading to the terrace can be seen beyond.
The basement plan with chauffeur's quarters.
On the first floor plan, living and dining areas expand outdoors to a covered deck and overlook the pool. The roof decks are accessible either though the foyer, and then through the family room, or directly through the exterior stairs.
Bedrooms are wrapped around the family and the play room which get ample light from the north facade and a clerestory light on the south facade. The pool and roof deck are both easily accessible from the family room.
The roof plan.
A Perspective of the west elevation during the day.
A Perspective of the west elevation during the night.
A view of the main entrance, showing the passageway to the pool on the left and the bedrooms, separated with a sectional shift, on the right.
An aerial view of villa.