Editors-in-Chief: Quilian Riano, Aron Chang
Managing Editors: Ashley Heeren, Ben Fortunato
Faculty Advisors: Timothy Hyde, John Beardsley, Margaret Crawford
Managing Staff: Ashley Heeren, Ben Fortunato, Darina Zlateva, Mazen Sakr, Izabela Riano, Brian Boyer
Editorial Staff: Elizabeth Christoforetti, Teddy Huyck ,Emily Pearl, Heather Boesch ,Melissa Guerrero, Mary Lydecker, Amanda Bailey, Angie Thebaud, Linda Shi,Ashley Heeren
Traditional student publications are curated and released on a monthly or yearly basis. By moving the publication to the web, the publication shifts from a packaged, curated product to a continually evolving database, a library of ideas, that can be access by users through the tag cloud on the right. Readers can curate there own content based on there interests. The emphasis was on showing work grouped around themes. Chosen tags would call submissions spanning the life of the website, ordered chronologically from most recent to oldest. Trays was maintained from 2008 till 2010.
Diagram showing the traditional publication model above, contrasted with Trays model of publication as a database of articles to be accessed by users with different interests below.